OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center Client Services

OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center provides client services to enhance bioproduct innovation and commercialization

DISCOVER: OBIC provides a 2-hour review of a client’s business case to determine strategic fit and potential add to value

CONNECT: OBIC helps clients build partnerships with other participants in the bioproducts community, via OBIC’s extensive network of companies, higher education institutions and nonprofit research organizations.

ASSESS: OBIC can provide formal techno-economic analyses, including: general business case reviews; technology assessments; market studies; life cycle analyses; and risk management assessments.

ASSIST: OBIC can provide clients with a range of assistance activities, including: project planning; grant writing and/or coaching on proposal development; OBIC Express laboratory services; assistance with biopreferred state & federal procurement; and introductions to state, federal, academic and industrial specialists

STEWARD: OBIC can provide project management of complex relationships, including: developing meeting schedules and agendas; establishing protocols for project management; managing academic and industrial benchmarks; monitoring project budget and deliverables; gathering data; generating reports; and conflict mediation