Sustainable Choices For Music Festivals

June 26, 2018

Summer and music festivals go hand-in-hand. And while fun, music festivals are notorious for producing large amounts of waste. For example, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival produced more than 679 tons of waste over four days in 2015. Coachella Music Festival was found to generate 107 tons of solid waste each day according to an environmental impact report from Indio, California.

Even though festivals like these result in large amounts of waste, they are actively seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Pleasantville Music Festival in New York began their zero-waste campaign in 2012, and has managed to reduce the festival’s trash by two-thirds. Coachella Music Festival raffles VIP passes to the festival for life if attendees carpool, offers a bottle exchange program, and more to motivate people to be more sustainable. While music festivals are being conscious of the waste they generate, attendees should also aim to reduce the waste they produce. One easy way to do this is to use more biobased products to lessen your carbon footprint and be more sustainable.

Nowadays, many people like to wear glitter in their hair or as makeup to music festivals. While this is fun and makes for great photo opportunities, most of this glitter ends up in waterways and oceanic environments where it is then ingested by marine life. Rather than using common plastic glitter, try using Bio-glitter®. This glitter is primarily made from eucalyptus trees, biodegradable, and is more comfortable to use than the plastic alternative. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and can be used in a range of cosmetic applications to suit all your sparkly needs.

Large music festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo also offer on-site camping for the duration of the festival. Many people bring their own tents to these festivals, but will leave them at the campsite due to a lack of space or no future use. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tents will be left at festival grounds for volunteers to clean up. Instead of buying a tent to use for a weekend and then leave at the festival, buy one from Comp-A-Tent. This company makes bioplastic tents that are 100% compostable – meaning you can leave it at the campsite after the festival is over!

We recommend packing the CasusGrill when camping overnight. This grill is made from all-natural and sustainable products including bamboo, cardboard, and charcoal. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. The CasusGrill only takes five minutes to warm up, and then can be used for over an hour making it ideal for outdoor festivals! It’s also biodegradable meaning you can feel good about disposing of it after you’re done using it.

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This article was written by Shivani Patel, OBIC Student Assistant and Senior at The Ohio State University.