Billion Ton Bioeconomy

July 12, 2017

Earlier this year, eight agencies of the federal government shared their vision for a “Billion Ton Bioeconomy” initiative. At its heart, it builds an economic engine around sustainably produced plant materials and other sources of biomass that are not utilized to their full potential.  It is projected that this vision could create 1.5 million jobs, keep $200 billion in the U.S. every year, produce 80 billion kWh of electricity to power 7 million households and almost 1,400 trillion BTUs of thermal energy. In addition to electricity, this supply of biomass could create 50 billion gallons of biofuels (displacing almost 30% of all transportation fuels) AND 45 billion pounds of biobased chemicals and bioproducts. Collectively, this vision for America would reduce 550 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

This bold expression represents one of the most significant strategies to lead our nation to new economic wealth while simultaneously making great strides towards a more sustainable world. It adds new clarity to our research and development priorities. It helps focus technology deployment and necessary infrastructure. And it creates innovative new markets and delivery systems built upon local capabilities. To learn more about this initiative, check out and explore the related links.

OBIC is excited to be a participant in building this future and will be active in several programs during the coming months to share our expertise in biobased products. If you would like to participate in building this kind of future, please contact us at