CABLE Documents

CABLE Documents & Reference Materials

How To Become A Student Delegate - Check out this guide that explains what it means to be a CABLE Student Delegate and all the benefits that come with it.

Calendar Of Events - Take a look at what's ahead for CABLE. This school year is going to be packed with leadership education putting student delegates on the path to becoming leaders in the emerging bioeconomy.

Individualized Growth Plan - Please schedule a time to review this document with your Faculty Mentor and have it completed prior to our meeting at ABLC Next. This is intended to be a living document, and your goals may change throughout the school year. Please keep notes to document when goals are changed and/or accomplished.

After-Webinar/Meeting Report Form - Use this form to complete your report after each webinar or meeting with your Faculty Mentor.

Student Delegate Working Group Descriptions - Student Delegates will work with each other on projects through participation in a Working Group. Each Working Group has a different focus and all Working Groups will produce a document for presentation at the final in-person meeting.

Small Group Meeting Descriptions - Student delegates will be provided the opportunity to continue to network with the CABLE peers via facilitated small group discussions by CABLE staff. These discussions will be made available monthly and conducted as Zoom video conferences.

Spring Conference Rooming Assignments

Sample On-Campus Outreach Report