The Bioproducts Network

The Bioproducts Network, established in November of 2012, is an OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center program to link members across the bioproduct supply chain.

Biomass producers, agricultural processors, chemical and polymer companies, product manufacturers, researchers and procurement officials (corporate and governmental) can network with each other under the guidance of the nation's leading bioproduct commercialization organization.  

Members collaborate to drive "bottom-line" value and support consumers seeking products in line with environmental stewardship values.

What benefits does membership provide?

The Bioproducts Network member benefits include: participation in networking events, such as annual planning meetings and quarterly networking events; public relations support, including media programming featuring member stories; educational programming, including monthly webinars; access to key industry information, via a members-only online information portal; and much more. 

One of the focus areas of OBN is to fully understand the needs, challenges, and capabilities of our members. This is done through a Discovery Session where the company and OBIC personnel meet to discuss developments and the industry. With this information, OBIC strives to find other members or companies who can help the OBN member address their needs and challenges. Additionally, OBIC can utilize the knowledge of the companies capabilities and to address the needs of other members or opportunities that arise in the bioproducts industry.