What Is The OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center?

The Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) connects different segments of the bioproducts community to nurture business ecosystems and facilitate commercialization of new, sustainable bioproduct technologies.

OBIC recently received a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture to form a Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE). The Ohio State University is working alongside 19 other universities around the U.S. to provide a unique leadership development experience to prepare student delegates to assume leadership roles in the emerging bioeconomy.


  1. Student Delegate Spotlight: Chelsea Tyus

    Oct 9, 2018

    "The program is geared toward enhancing two things that I was working on within myself: leadership, and networking. It was a natural choice for me due to my research interests and career development."

    Chelsea Tyus is a Ph.D. student at Louisiana State University. Learn about what Chelsea hopes to gain from CABLE, her struggle in deciding between academia and industry, and why why she considers herself a jack of all trades.

  2. Ohio Soy Sustainable Summer Wraps Up For 2018

    Oct 2, 2018

    During the summer of 2018, the OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center travelled over 4,500 miles of Ohio’s highways and rural backroads, all in the name of sustainability. With support from the Ohio Soybean Council, OBIC conducted the Ohio Soy Sustainable Summer education and outreach program at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum and 22 of Ohio’s county fairs.

  3. Farm Science Review 2018

    Sep 27, 2018

    A total of 108,074 visitors attended the 56th annual Farm Science Review at Molly Caren Agricultural Center, over the span of three days, in the third week of September. Between watching the field demonstrations and checking out some of the 600 commercial exhibitors, visitors were able to test their BioSmarts at the OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center’s display, located in the Energy Tent.